About Dr. Mascio

Dr. Robert D. Mascio was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He attended West Virginia University earning a B.S. in Animal & Veterinary Sciences. He furthered his education at The Parker University of Chiropractic in Dallas, TX. He has been board certified and practicing in Dallas for over 11 years.  His basis in Chiropractic was founded through family dedication to the health care professions. His father, mother, and three of five brothers are health care professionals. He takes pride in personally treating each patient with an individualized hands-on approach.

The first question Dr. Mascio asks in evaluating a patient is: “How young are you?”

He believes patient attitude is the strength in leading the body to which we all desire. To attain healing, youth, vitality, and overall wellness in mind, body and spirit, regardless of age.

Dr. Mascio genuinely cares about the well-being, improved function and quality of life of his patients. By placing an emphasis on educating his patients, he can lead them to understand their current condition, or state of wellness. In turn, patients respond faster with better results.  He spends quality time with his patients, not only during their initial consultation, but for the duration of the treatment plan.

The doctor approaches chiropractic & wellness with effectiveness and efficiency. His treatment utilizes a combination of outstanding hands-on chiropractic care, years of personal experience, education, personality, and compassion. These factors instill a confident, calming presence needed for patient healing, or directing a patient in a protocol for anti-aging/vitality.

“ I truly enjoy what I do and realize I was given a gift to heal people. I see results everyday and it still amazes me.” 

Dr. Mascio exudes an undeniable passion for healing, and body vitality.  He believes function and youth can be retained and attained at any age. Patients continue to utilize his knowledge and services for eliminating pain, correcting body function, preventative measures and progressive wellness of the human body.