i’ve just returned from skiing and my neck is a mess…is there something i can do to prevent skiing related injuries, and still put in time on the slopes?

Neck injuries can be avoided and pain can be greatly reduced with a comprehensive year long fitness program,” according to Dr. Friedman, a prominent New York City chiropractor. “The program should include strengthening exercises for the legs, stretching to improve muscle flexibility and, most importantly, routine chiropractic care to maintain the integrity and elasticity of the muscles and spinal column.

A series of chiropractic adjustments prior to hitting the slopes can reduce the risk of severe injury,” says Dr. Friedman. “When the spine is out of alignment the individual loses muscle mobility and dexterity, creating potential hazards on the slopes to themselves and others. When the spine is misaligned, the muscles in the lower back, legs and knees do not function at maximum capacity. The muscles are forced to work against the body instead of with it; in practical terms this means the muscles become exhausted and fail to move as rapidly as they would otherwise. When an accident occurs, and the body is out of alignment, the muscles have less mobility and elasticity to sustain the fall. What could be a minor injury often becomes a disastrous one because the muscles are unable to absorb the fall or twist?

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