Fibromyalgia is an epidemic and disabling myofascial condition. The typical patient says he hurts all over, sleeps poorly, and feels chronically tired and depressed.  There have been many studies that support Chiropractic treatment for patients suffering from fibromyalgia.

Dr. Frederick Wolfe, a respected rheumatologist, points out that chiropractic treatment helps these patients. Dr. Wolfe is a well-known investigator of fibromyalgia, and is clinical professor, Department of Medicine, University of Kansas School of Medicine. In 1985, he and his colleagues interviewed 81 fibromyalgia patients and 81 control subjects using a structured questionnaire. (2)

Wolfe wrote,(2 p.13) “In our current series, we asked patients to indicate if a drug or treatment had reduced their pain … Of interest is that patients reported more benefit from ‘life-style’ modifications such as rest and relaxation than from other interventions. Chiropractic treatment also scored among the most effective measures” (emphasis mine).