Severe Pain

Millions of people all around the world suffer from severe back pain. This pain can be very debilitating causing disruption in their daily lives. Many people miss work because of this severe back pain which can be costly to the worker and their employer. The pain can also cause emotional distress for these people making them irritable at times with their coworkers and their family members. People seek treatment for this severe back pain, but some have to try more than one source before they find relief. People usually start to look for treatment from mainstream medical practitioners at the office of their local doctor.

The local physicians usually start with drug therapy, and there are several drugs available that may help patients find relief from severe back pain. Research shows that the available drugs have varied success for different patients. Some of the drugs tested to show success in treating severe back pain include anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxants. Patients should examine the results of clinical trials of the drugs prescribed for severe back pain as they work with their physicians to find the best possible treatment. Some doctors prescribe steroids for this condition, but there may be some undesirable side effects with some of these drugs.

Complementary or Alternative Medical Care May Help with Severe Back Pain

Recently, there has been a keen interest in complementary or alternative medical solutions to medical problems. The research on these methods has shown some positive results in the scientific trials that have been conducted. There has been an increase in the number of patients using acupuncture to find relief from pain. Treatment with acupuncture has also been sanctioned by some health insurance companies which means that patients do not have to pay out of their pockets for treatment with alternative methods. This is very good news for people that do not find relief at their local doctor.

Chiropractors are known to have effective treatment for those suffering from severe back pain. These doctors specialize in manipulating the spine to relieve the pain of their patients. Some insurance companies will pay for the cost of treatment by chiropractors. Research on treatment by chiropractors has shown some positive results for the treatment of severe back pain. Chiropractors do not usually prescribe drug therapy for their patients, but these doctors require office visits for the appropriate treatment. Those suffering from severe back pain may have to explore several options before they find relief from severe back pain.