Wellness/vitality is equated with youth. The body can feel young regardless of age. It starts and ends with stimulating our brain. Every joint in the human body contains motion receptors that monitor movement. Chiropractic provides the proper spinal motion quickly, efficiently, and effectively, therefore eliminating pain and restoring body vitality.

It is the goal of Dr. Robert Mascio of Turtle Creek Welleness & Chiropractic to integrate Chiropractic Care with Wellness techniques to provide diverse treatment options for patients. Through public education, we hope to inspire and motivate patients to be active in their own health care and to bring the benefits of this integrated health care approach to a broad spectrum of the population. Through continued doctor and staff education, we continue to stay abreast of the current Chiropractic and hands-on care treatments. We work to provide quality health care to all in Oak Lawn and the Turtle Creek area of Dallas, Texas and have created a comfortable atmosphere that reflects our professional skill and attention to detail.